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What is the power adapter ?

What power adapter is? Also known as external power supply adapter is a small portable electronic devices and electrical and electronic power supply voltage conversion device, commonly found in mobile phones, LCD monitors and notebook computers and other small electronic products. Its role is to house 220-volt high voltage into these electronic products can work around 5 volts to 20 volts stable low voltage, so that they can work properly. This article describes the basics of what the power adapter and power adapter is.

What power adapter is the power adapter is a small portable electronic devices and electrical and electronic power conversion equipment supply, generally by the shell, power transformer and rectifier circuit, its output can be divided into AC output type and DC output type;? Press connection can be divided into wall plug and desktop.

1, the type of power adapter

The main points of these two power adapters, switching power supplies and linear power supplies.

1) switching power supply is the use of modern electronic technology, control switch turn-on and turn-off time ratio, maintaining a stable output voltage of a power supply, power adapter, switching power supply generally consists of a pulse width modulation (PWM) control IC and MOSFET constituted

Advantages: high efficiency, small size, can operate over a wide voltage range.

Disadvantages: The power supply circuit interferences, maintenance more difficult when a failure occurs.

2) linear power is through the AC transformer transformer, rectifier circuit rectifier filter does not get a stable DC voltage, power adapter to achieve high-precision DC voltage, voltage feedback circuit must adjust the output voltage.

Pros: This power technology is mature, the circuit is simple, and there is no interference with the switching power supply noise.

Cons: voltage feedback circuit is operating in the linear state, large power regulator, low conversion efficiency, the use of inductive transformer so heavy equipment.

2, the power adapter acts

Power adapter is a transformer and rectifier acts. Household AC is 220v, and we land a DC computer 12v (seems to be), it is possible to affirm that the power adapter transformer and rectifier. Then the adapter is a transformer, we should all know by AC 220v transformer transformer through a rectifier to DC, where there is consumption, and these will be transformed into heat consumption, so the power adapter will heat is normal. Transformer is made of silicon, the rear power transformer, generating magnetic flux, the magnetic flux will lead to generating a force acts between the silicon steel sheet, thereby generating beat noise, this is normal. But the sound is not normal burned earth, the reason a lot: 1, AC voltage instability. 2, chip damage. 3, inter-turn short circuit. 4, component damage.

3, power adapter applications

In consumer electronics products is widely used to provide most of the output power less than 100 watts, the rapid growth of market demand. Such as electric bicycle battery charger, small-size LCD TVs, laptops, printers, DVD players and set-top boxes have applications. Most of the early selection of linear transformer power adapter, along with consumer electronics products for the power adapter has a high efficiency, wide input voltage range of requirements, as well as copper, iron and labor costs increase, these power adapters inside most of its original linear transformer gradually switching power supply is replaced.

4, power adapter features

Power converters (both AC to DC), the conversion from AC to DC, and then through the computer, it is not to protect the computer, but the computer which has the power of memory storage (also called chargers), so when you can protect blackout computer. Switching power supply and adapter are switching power supply, by the high-frequency switch and control circuit. Adapter power supply is a regulated switching power supply, switching power charger with float function, with the current voltage is smaller and larger, until finally, not only the voltage and current.

5, adapter wife to be good reason

Original price of power is usually around 200 to 500 yuan, rather than the first wife will be a lot cheaper, so many users purchase a second power supply, will consider choosing non-original power. Original power is better, but it may not feel the difference between the actual application. Usually load allowable input voltage has a safe range, such as the nominal value plus or minus 5 [%], for example: a lot of 2.5-inch hard 5V input requirement is plus or minus 5 [%]. Notebook, too, if the input voltage is too large or too small will cause the protection circuit to stop working.

But before the protection circuit, notebook internal regulator circuit has been biased to work the upper or lower, in principle, have a certain influence on the life of the device, but according to the current point of view, the reliability of electronic components has been quite good, as long as the design within the range, is rarely a problem, life will not be shorter than the life of your notebook, so this is not the main problem. The more important question may be laptop data security, automatic protection suddenly stop working for a computer is a very scary thing, especially a lot of friends without the battery. Sometimes the computer restarts and also somehow relevant. For the first wife of the power supply, the manufacturers know what kind of access to the load, so you can easily calculate the nominal voltage of the power supply and the nominal current.

With the continuous development and progress of science and technology, practical application of various research projects demand for power adapter increasing year by year, their precision, performance, size, variety, type, size, etc. have put forward many new requirements, the existing power adapter has been unable to meet current needs, research and development for a variety of new power adapter has become an objective requirement, and its social and economic benefits are more significant, relatively bright market prospects.



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