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Chargers do not pull, on the outlet, against big

After the phone is charged not pull the plug is very scientific, both wasteful power consumption, but also caused a huge security risk. Mr Shen alive Nokia Enterprise IT managers interview when he said, after they found that more than three-quarters of mobile phone consumption are due after the phone is fully charged, you do not pull the charger plug caused. This is a big waste of data, because now there are more than six hundred million Chinese mobile phone users, every day in charge in the event of waste every day. This phenomenon should cause great concern of mobile phone users, we must develop After charging, the charger plug pull a good habit, not only saving money for the family, but also for the society to save resources.

Insiders also believe that, do not pull the plug charger after charging is completed, it is likely to cause a fire, electric shock and other safety hazards incidents. Do not pull the plug after charging that the charger is still in working condition, easy to aging charger, causing safety hazards accident, or even a fire, explosion accidents, accidental electric shock. It is worth mentioning that many mobile phone users do not pull the plug after charging is completed, go to work, or no one at home or leaving home for the elderly and children, which are exacerbated by insecurity possibility of accidents, to family harm.


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